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HumanKind Homes

Zero Energy Homes  •  One Kit of Bricks  •  Infinite Versatility

Homes, Reinvented

We are a design-build construction technology company creating a fully digital home design, manufacturing and construction process in order to provide affordable, sustainable, and healthy housing to all.

Our novel design and construction process allows us to build homes for less than $250/sqft in under 2 months of on-site build time. National average numbers to compare to are $324/sqft and over 9 months of build time.
*These numbers are based on 1-4 units/lot. Your project quote may vary.

Today's Homes Are Failing Us

Homes are unaffordable


Home prices are rising at twice the rate as wages.


Today, 1 in 4 renters pays over half of their monthly income towards rent.

Homes are toxic


According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is consistently 2-5x higher than outdoors.

Homes are hurting the planet

Home and construction industries provide up to 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 40-50% of the world’s solid waste is construction waste.

Better Homes For People
& The Planet

We believe that housing is a human right and that low-cost does not have to mean low-quality. By reimagining the entire design and construction process, we can reduce costs, allowing us to provide more affordable homes while investing in sustainable and healthy materials.

What Makes HumanKind Homes Different

Engineering-first principles from home to final assembly


We are not typical real estate developers, we are values-driven engineers and designers; we know how to design quality products and manufacture them affordably.

Digital born


We start with collaborative VR design of the home including full Building Information Modeling (BIM) and end with automated manufacturing and robotic on-site assembly.

Truly sustainable


Energy efficient homes might reduce operational energy use but that is not the same as being sustainable. We include supply chain embodied carbon emissions in our sustainability calculations.

On-site assembly, not construction


By removing the need for in-demand skilled labor and replacing it with a quick-connect assembly system that is easy to learn, we reduce costs while improving safety and efficiency.

Reinventing the whole home, not just the walls


Our technology encompasses every part of the weathertight structure -- including foundation, insulation, siding, and roof. This allows us full vertical integration.

Homes for everyone, not just tiny homes or shipping containers


We can build from 400sqft to over 4000sqft, fully customizable to meet every need.

Our Impact

We are a Public Benefit Corporation and have adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals as core principles in all our endeavors.

Custom Manufacturing, Easy Assembly

We have developed a set of interlocking bricks made of sustainable geopolymer concrete that can combine together to make complete weathertight structures. Using 3D printing, each brick is customizable to adapt to different sites and interface with currently existing products, without added cost.

Condensing multiple different home systems together into one product and designing with a low-skill and automated construction process reduces construction costs and on-site build time while providing Net Zero Energy homes.

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In Our Homes?

If you would like to be one of the first to live in a home of the future, sign up to join our pre-order list.

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